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Waterlily™ - Waterlily™ Dolphin

Waterlily™, for which ORSA foam S.p.A. has exclusive production and trademark rights in Italy, is a technologically advanced material designed to offer the highest performance in the mattress and upholstery sectors.

The special formulation of this foam represents the most advanced development in the area of environmental protection thanks to:

  • exclusively water-blown or CO2-blown foams;
  • no CFCs or other harmful blowing agents;
  • no halogenated compounds;
  • no phosphorous-based compounds;
  • compliance with Oeko Tex Standard 100, Class IV (RdP no. 030992.O).

And the finished product offers exceptional comfort and reliability ensured by:

  • high breathability thanks to an open cellular structure which allows free air circulation and quick dispersion of heat and moisture;
  • excellent elasticity ensuring both robust support and perfect and gentle conformance to the body;
  • the best resistance to wet aging, permanent deformation and dynamic fatigue of currently available foams, guaranteeing that the product will maintain its initial characteristics over time;
  • flame retardant characteristics according to some of the most important regulations in force (the user must ensure that the material is suitable for the specific intended use).




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